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Who’s Jan van Essen

Jan van Essen was born in Amsterdam in 1944, where he still lives today. His work is in contrast to the hustle of the city, his paintings express calm and awareness.

Jan who is sefltaught started painting at an early age, he became fascinated by the colores and forms of vegetables and flowers.

Method of working: Jan works from his own photographs, his search for an particular subject can lead him to many places such as the cabbagefields of North-Holland. Other subjects are discovered on his frequent visits to local markets.

Video: On Vimeo you can watch a short interview with Jan on the Accessible Art Fair Brussels. The interview dates from November 2010

Jan van Essen at work (working on the 'Poppys' painting: see

Jan van Essen at work (working on the ‘Poppys’ painting)

Oilpaint is the ideal medium with which to explore and experience colors and tones. Generally he works on large canvasses, the space anables him to pay special attention to the smallest details in nature.

Besides his love of painting Jan has also a great passion for classical music, most of his paintings have been created on the tones of Richard Wagner-Maria Callas and others.


2013 Artfair “BAAF” Accessible Artfair Brussels, Belgium
2010 Artfair “BAAF”Accessible Artfair Brussels, Belgium
2009 Exhibition in galery “Thuillier”Paris, France
2008 Exhibition in nursinghome “Waalboog” Nijmegen, Netherlands
2007 Exhibition in nursinghome “Vondelstede”Amsterdam, Nedtherlands
Exhibition in cookingstudio “Delicious” Nijmegen, Netherlands
2006 Art-Event in “Spaarnwoude”Netherlands
2005 Art-Event in castle “ Marquette” Heemskerk, Netherlands
2004 Art-Event in “Bergen” North-Holland , Netherlands
Event “Art-Metz” Metz, France
2003 Event “Art-Metz” Metz, France
Art-Event “Bergen” North-Holland
Art-Event in “La Motte Tilly” France
2002 Exhibition in the galery of “The American’s Womenclub”The Haque, Netherlands
2001 Art-Event in “La Motte Tilly” France

Paintings in private collections
In Belgium-England-France-Luxembourg-Netherlands-New-Zealand and Spain